I just finished (or not) this. There’s an amalgamation of influences and inspirations. There are numerous wordplays and double-meanings. As it’s been hard to decide where to end it, I’m going to leave it as is for now. It may get a retreatment at some future appointment:


Beat down, beat up

Shot down while you shoot up

Fifties, Sixties, Sixteens, anon

Where are you, where have you gone?

Word on the street is you’re going to own this

Street on the word is you don’t even know this

From the source where the dirty river flows

To the greatest works of Pablo Picasso

Melting pot, melting snow

Now we’re proud of what we don’t know

Rapping on the door

Writing on the wall

Dancing on the floor

In the midst of it all

You seem proud to be beat down

But a beat is all you can hold down

Hold it, hold it now

Slaughter that cow

But don’t eat it

Hold the meat to the wound

But don’t bleed it

Because it might bleed you

Postscript: Go chew your cud, now.

(C) 2008 Joshua S. Murray