Desperately, he seeks approval

For removal of his helplessness

Yet incredulous, he can’t accept

That he won’t be swept under your rug

A hug might be the spark plug

The caffeine in his coffee mug

The first shovel that has ever dug

Into his drug addled heart




(this was gonna be four lines, but they were running a buy one get one free special, so you get eight)



So, a post…

So, I’m sitting here at work, and it’s pretty slow, so I’m on here. It’s funny how I’ve loathed talking on the phone for a long time and now that’s one of my main responsibilities – taking phone calls.

So, I think it’s time for one of my favorite pastimes: the observations posts. It’s been awhile. Here they are, on the fly (meaning, as I write this particular line, I don’t know what the remainder of this post will include):

1. Pilots are cooky…. seriously. The strangest people with the strangest habits fly airplanes it seems.

2. Pick your least favorite class from college (for me accounting); you will end up using it for your next summer job.

3. Most people are extremely narrow-minded… including (or maybe especially) those who tell everyone else to be open-minded. There is a difference between being firmly set in your beliefs, and refusing to see another’s point of view. Sometimes, however, people really are wrong… and it’s okay to realize that too.

4. Tablet PC’s are wicked awesome.

5. Glass bubbles in a heat wave make the air in them even hotter (Diamond Aircraft).

6. Reading books is better than television.

7. Jon Foreman’s new Summer EP is brutally honest.

8. I’m going to have my own domain soon.

9. It’s my parents anniversary… go to my dad’s xanga and wish him and my mom a happy one: Xangpastor

10. Growing a tree from a 2000-year old seed is freakin’ cool: