You know how Starbucks has those coffee cups made from recycled material with quotes on them? You know – the ones that you agree with until you realize you hate the person who said it?

Well. My town doesn’t have a Starbucks (I know, *gasp*)… BUT we do have a Daily Grind (actually, a lot cooler atmosphere than most Starbucks). They have these clear cups for their cold drinks called “Greenware.” Made completely of plants and entirely biodegradeable. I thought “How awesome!” Yup…


That’s it. Right up there. So, I was looking at it while at the coffee shop. I’m like “Cool… it’s practical and better for the environment.” Never mind that paper cups are also entirely made of plants… who knew? Yup. This is great. And you know what else I noticed? A website address. Yup. If you look close you can see it toward the bottom. It made me realize something: Al Gore got his environmentalism from Bill Clinton. “WHAT?!” you ask. And I tell you: Think about it…. it’s all in the website. It begins with “f”, ends with “k” and has a dash in between… obviously a reference to Clinton’s presidential practices. He’s behind these environmentally safe cups. Al Gore owes everything to Bill!!

Also, Al Gore, you are the man. You’re an inspiration to enviroment-lovers everywhere. Anyway. Just thought I’d share some greenery. Here’s one of Al’s lovers… err… followers.

(^ Parked outside my office yesterday as I left)
You probably can’t read the license place small text. On the left, it says Senator. The bottom text says “Clean Special Fuel.” You can see the vehicle. Thanks Mr. Senator for driving a vehicle that really helps America. Never mind that it’s still an SUV that probably gets no better mileage than a regular car; it’s the thought that counts. Also, I’m proud that you decided on a Lexus. Really, I am.

Cheers. I raise my Hazelnut Java Cooler to the environment.