Theologically conservative, politically motivated, coffee-shop loving, music adoring, analytical, sarcastic, and passionate perfectionist, with a penchant for poetry, airplanes, and the Gospel.

This is my personal WP site; I also run www.wordflyer.com, which will be an online magazine pertaining to modern culture and issues. What you see there now is just placeholder material (well, it’s real — but it’s not quite what the new site will be; the About section there, however, is accurate.)

Here you’ll find a wide variety of things I’ve written and I do hope you enjoy. This is not comprehensive, as I’ve recently made this my primary personal blog (shifting out of the black hole that is Xanga).


One thought on “About

  1. Natalie says:

    So I stumbled upon your twitter and website by complete chance. I happened to google my friend’s name and you happened to show up. But, I just wanted to let you know how much i’ve enjoyed reading all of your musings. I enjoyed your take on music, and God, and poetry. I try to write, and more often than not, what pours out is nonsensical. But God’s definitely blessed you with a knack for writing. And I hope you just continue to use what God’s given you. It’s encouraging to see other Christians so open about their faith. Anyhow, have a good one. be blessed.

    if you get bored, check it out,


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