What’s Up With the Weather Anyway

It seems a bit overdone and cliché to talk about crazy weather where one lives and then compare it to one’s life situation, but I think I see some of the appeal. Let’s be real: the weather in Somwhereville, USA is pretty random, just like such and such situation, right? Perfect analogy. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but there hasn’t been a ton of variation in the weather patterns—I’ve moved 20 some times but nearly all of my life has been in the Southeast US. And in the Southeast, we get some crazy weather, especially in Lynchburg, VA. But this years has been something of exception—not just random, but rapid 50 degree swings in only a couple days. A few weeks ago, local schools cancelled classes because of snow (ok, so they tend to do that at even the threat of snow), and two days later it was in the 70s. Today, and every day for the rest of the week, the forecast says to expect a high in the mid-70s. A few days ago,I needed my heavy jacket. Before that we had some thunderstorms. Right before that we had snow.

I like seasonal changes; I get bored of consistent weather after a while, but I like knowing what to expect. But life doesn’t like playing by the rules. Sometimes you have to adjust, and as they tell you in all the fashion outlets, the best way to do that is to prepare by dressing in layers. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy to do with people. People are not actually like onions. There will be tears if you cut one, but that’s really the extent of the similarities. You can’t just peel off a layer off a layer of yourself when things get a little heated. Besides, that’s not even something you do with onions. It’s something you do with clothes. Or maybe people ARE like onions. Some are sweet, some will make you cry, some will take your breath away.

Here’s the thing though, sometimes weather changes, and you just aren’t prepared for it. Maybe it got cold before you expected and you don’t have a jacket. Maybe a hurricane is threatening to ruin everything you know. That’s ok; you can’t prepare for everything, but what you can do is give other people a hand when their stuck out in the proverbial cold. Maybe you can bring some warmth into their life by showing them that you care.


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