I’m going to build a monument to my fears
I’ll set it ablaze, but I won’t let it go.
I’m going to extinguish it with my tears.
Not that I want to, just something I know

The consequence of another New Year’s
Resolution I made with intent to forgo
Raise a glass, offer a toast and cheers
Before changes ensue, resume status quo

Ado, ado, speech like an auctioneer’s
It’s all just a haze, forgotten like a vocative O
O fear, O fear, so very, very cavalier
My threats overdue, my progress is woe

Yet, I look out as the smoke clears
Revolution I’ll wage, and fear outgrow
Eventually burn away these souvenirs
Carve out this tattoo, the end will be new

(c) 2011, Joshua S. Murray

(if you prefer to take poetry as is, with no author explanation of any sort, feel free to stop reading here… I don’t explain the meaning below, but do discuss some structural elements)
I haven’t often written multiple drafts for a poem, even know that I should. This one certainly needed it though (It may get another revision some other time, but who knows?) and it’s now a couple days after I wrote the first, which will probably stay buried in my computer unless my hard drive survives and I am famous posthumously.  I anticipate neither. About the poem, it started as probably my most complicated rhyme scheme, and though I simplified it from the first draft to give it better flow, there are still some surprises, with a handful of rhymes or slant rhymes not obvious immediately. The obvious rhyme scheme is ABAB, but there is a sub-scheme too. The final line breaks the rhyme scheme as a means of symbolism.


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