Digging for Cigarettes

Man in oversized green sports coat over a vintage graphic tee

Sweat pants

Wide brimmed hat–might have had a Stetson label on it at some point.

Might have been a hipster

If it wasn’t obvious that he had nearly everything he owned right there with him

In his red messenger bag.

A proud man, his shoulders are wide and pulled back.

But he’s not too proud.

He walks by, stops, stoops.

And his hands sift through the sand looking for a diamond in the rough,

A diamond of paper and nicotene.

It’s all carbon, but coal and not diamond,

Carcinogens all the same.

Can’t worry about the future when today stares you square and mocks.


There’s nothing but the butts;

He’d kiss a stranger if they weren’t just a butt.

He don’t need nobody.

But maybe he wants somebody.

–Joshua S. Murray, (C) 2010


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