I apparently go through phases of writing and not writing. I am in a writing phase now it seems. Perhaps I should force myself to write even when I’m not in that phase, because it really is something I love to do. Anyway, here’s a quick poem–only 8 lines, but I hope it resonates with you.



Beauty became vanity

And vanity became pride

And pride became another thing

Stuffed with a lie

Faith became profanity

And me an ugly bride

And love became another fling

Something more to buy


One thought on “Vain

  1. Kala says:

    your a beautiful writer.

    i doubt anyone who knew me in lynchburg would recognize me now.

    i think lynchburg was like a training for me when i got spat back out into Raleigh. i was worried i’d fall again when i got here but He had different plans.

    this poem does resonate with me and it flows beautifully as well; a seemingly a rare combination these days.


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