What would you do if you lost your desire to read the bible? Or if you knew that you believed in God, but not necessarily that Christianity is right?

First question: I often don’t feel like reading the Bible until I actually do it. It’s then that I realize how much I need it. I wish I always had the desire to read it, but that’s not always true. But you sometimes have to take a leap and trust it will be rewarding; unsurprisingly, it almost always is.

Second part: I’ve often wondered how I can know that Christianity is right. Why are there so many other religions? Is it arrogant to think I’m right and billions of others are wrong? Christianity is different than every other religion. In Christianity, God seeks us out. God loves us. Everything else teaches us to try to win the approval of God/god(s), and that’s a tall order–or they try to tell us that we, if fact, are gods or at least part of a diety. I don’t know about you, but I’m no god. I’m not up for that responsibility. I can’t perform any miracles, I can’t bend natural laws to my whim. I think other faiths capture a bit of truth sometimes, and I think the Christian faith has been twisted and manipulated throughout time for selfish or other reasons, but I think the account laid out in the Bible is the best answer. I believe that there is one God who loves us and that Jesus died to save us and bring us back into relationship with him.

I do believe this: if there was another way for me to have relationship with God and "be saved" and the Father still made Jesus die on the cross, then he would have been awfully cruel, and that’s not a God I would want to believe in.

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