Muse(ings) 9: Wit and Wisdom

When a pretty girl pays you a compliment you are much more likely to believe it than if… well, anyone else pays you a compliment. That is, if you are a guy–I suppose it might work differently if you are  a girl, but since I’m not one I won’t jump to conclusions.

I have a class ongoing this semester that I don’t particularly like, but it does give me a chance to whip out witty remarks to my fellow backrow classmates. Now, I’m not usually a backrow guy, but for this class an exception is merited–I needed an outlet for my laptop. It’s like Charlie Brown’s teacher is my professor–all I hear is “whah, whah, whah.” I’m pretty sure that it’s all anyone else hears too. I would share some of the witty remarks its enabled, but they are much funnier on the fly.  He doesn’t seem like a bad guy though.  He probably doesn’t eat babies. I do suspect he might like bad music like Nickelback, but hey we can’t all have decent taste. But man, the material is a killer.

But nevertheless, perhaps we can explore some noteworthy wisdom.

Dialogue activate. (Names and place have been changed…. And statements have been occasionally paraphrased to make me sound way cooler than I really am. Unless you think they’re poorly written–then they’re typos).

Friend:  Hey, can I ask you a guy point of view question?

Me:  Sure, but I have my own drum beat, of course.

Friend: This friend of mine last night asked me if, when a girl uses a wink smiley, it means she is flirting. Do you get that vibe from girls, too? I told him it depends on the girl.

Me:  Definitely depends on the girl. Not all guys can tell. Even the most discerning of us get it wrong sometimes

Friend: [Laughs] Wow.

Me: Wow? [laughs] Also, the hotter the girl, the more the guy would like to believe she is flirting

And that my friends, is truth. But a word to guys–wanting something to be true doesn’t make it so.  Beware of digital flirting. Assume that she’s flirting with you if you don’t want her to and that she isn’t if you do want her to. If you want to verify the opposite hypothesis, explore the matter in real life, not Facebook–and especially not twitter.


3 thoughts on “Muse(ings) 9: Wit and Wisdom

  1. Lara says:

    This amuses me – partly because 😉 is one of my favourite smileys & lately I seem to get accused of flirting when i’m not. I think i’m just sarcastic & playful….people used to get that. Somehow though, folks are becoming either more vain or less internet savvy. Or I actually have an internet flirting problem I need to fix. ha! Oh well.

    Anyway,good entry. I like the wisdom at the end — to assume the opposite.

  2. K says:

    Oooh, so glad I generally avoid chatting. This is too complicated and confusing.

  3. Amber says:

    Funny but so true. I’ve heard people say that guys think that if a girl is pretty, that means she likes him. it makes no logical sense, but there you have it. I think girls actually tend to think the opposite, that if a guy is very good looking, it means he can’t possibly like her. Because he’s either too good for her, or thinks he’s too good for her. lol.

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