Muse(ing) 7

My church was packed today and it was beautiful. We had 97 comfortable blue seats, and kept adding folding chairs to the back as people piled in. It was the first time our church broke the century mark, and that means we need to start thinking about how we grow, not just trying to grow.

A few weeks ago, we were running around 40 people.

We are a young church. I think over 85% of the congregation is connected to Liberty, either as alumni or students.

Our rapid growth is mostly thanks to the influence of word of mouth among Liberty students. But we’re doing other things to make sure people know we’re here. We just filled two backpacks per grade (pre-k through 5th) with a year’s worth of school supplies for the local elementary school, which has a number of less-than-wealthy families’ kids. This past week, for the second time this summer, a number of people gave out free coffee and donuts to people who were commuting in the morning (God bless those that helped… they started at 6:30 in the morning). There was a cookout at a local park near the inner-city where they gave out free food a few weeks ago, and at the beginning of the summer, we had a block party for inner-city kids to enjoy.

Also at the beginning of the summer, I began leading a small group bible study–well, technically a book study: Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. It’s shifted and grown into a lovely bunch of people whom I love and for whom I hope I can give something worthwhile.

As a shock today, I was asked, along with two others, to be a consider being a deacon. I’ve been praying that God would let me be grow more involved in the church, and here’s an open door for me to do so. I’m not giving my response right away; I’m going to pray about it for a couple days, but I must say, I’m quite excited.

My heart is church planting, and this a chance to get involved with one in a very real way. God is on the move through the love in our church, and that is truly awesome.


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