Muse(ings) 6

Muse(ings) 6

Classes begin in a week. I’ve spent just under $500 on textbooks. My new job responsibilities start in a few days. I’ll be a GA for my own class.

The territory I’m in is unfamiliar but exciting—maybe it’s exciting because it’s unfamiliar. I’ve been watching my former RA/RD colleagues update their twitter accounts in real-time as they go through leadership training at Liberty. It’s strange not to be a part of it. I once envisioned becoming an RD, but for each of the past two years I’ve stopped just short of applying.

I couldn’t go on in student leadership for a variety of reasons. I needed to have opportunity elsewhere. I wanted to be able to get involved in a church, specifically a church plant. I wanted to have different ministry avenues that were not limited by the constraints that come with being an RA. I wanted to be able to travel a little bit more. I wanted to get away from living with freshman on a dorm.

But really, what I wanted most was an atmosphere in which I could relish in honesty. Not that people in OSL are dishonest—but there is a limit on how open one can be in an environment rife with rules. I want to be me, to have accountability with someone who can’t fire me. I want to be honest with my struggles without fear. Truthfully, I probably could have been more open than I was, but not with my perceptions.

My prayers are with those who are still in that ministry. It’s a fantastic opportunity. Don’t waste it…. And don’t have any fear. Be real, be honest, and start a revolution.


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