Muse(ings) 6.5

A coffee shop and conversation on a Monday night. There’s a storm brewing outside and it makes the coffee better somehow.  Behind the counter, she can hold a conversation with anyone. At the counter myself, I can write anything I want. It might get read, it might not. I can share it, I can keep it hidden; it doesn’t matter. What matters is that life is vivid. It is vital. Literally. And I mean literally literally. I have to say that, because literally, like love, is overused and abused as a term. Life, love, and vitality. All go up in flames. Burning like calories.  If the calories don’t burn you just get fat. And if you get fat, you have a hard time running. You get lethargic and everything becomes stale.

Don’t let things get stale. Stale bread, stale coffee, stale life. It’s crumbles and tastes terrible.


One thought on “Muse(ings) 6.5

  1. Micah says:

    Wow. Beautiful musing.

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