I’ve written for you.
I hope the words have gotten through.

I know you read…
But I’d rather know what you think.

This is not a poem, this is not a song.
Merely a message, wrapped up in the tin foil
Of the best words I can find to use here…
So I suppose it is not completely prose

I’ve poured my heart out, already.
But more words are on the way, soon.
Words asking for risk.

I’m not going to lie,
I’m confused too.

I still want to win your heart
I want to change the page, because my stream of response
Stream of text is becoming too familiar… and I’m drowning in it.
No, I want to know more than the shadow.
And I wonder if you are interested in the same.

I’m unable to write more at this time. But speech… our underrated medium. It’s there.
Tell me I can use that. Tell me when I can.

I want you to know more than my shadow too.


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