I’ve been given the gift of a new guitar – sadly the new guitar does not come with talent…. at least it makes me look good; anyone with a Taylor looks good, right?

Yet hope springs eternal in my mind of epic endeavors and tragic shortcomings.

Funny how I have three guitars in my possession in my room, and yet I still play so poorly.

It makes me recall how my relationship with the Lord so often is. The quality of any relationship is very dependent on the amount of time given it. Here I am at a Christian school, with one of the highest titles of responsibility in student leadership. I have bible after bible, study guide after study guide on my bookshelves. I have professors that teach from a biblical worldview. I have friends who pray for me.

But that doesn’t make my relationship with the Lord any better… the only thing that makes that better is when I spend time with God.

I can’t expect a new guitar to suddenly make me a decent guitarist… though it’s a great aid.

I can’t expect flowers sent to a girl on her birthday to win me her love…. (though it can theoretically help)

I can’t expect a sweet study Bible to make me know my Lord better… unless I revel in it, and in Who He is.

My God is so good to me, and He’s right there, waiting for me to converse with Him, yet how easy it is to put something we treasure on the back burner.

So often our priorities as they play out do not reflect what we say they are. We fill up our lives with trivial matters and wonder why our relationships go down the drain (this applies to the Christian walk or to your friendships).

Invest in what matters. Will I ever learn this lesson? I hope so.


2 thoughts on “Taylor

  1. Benjamin says:

    So true Josh…

    “how easy it is to put something we treasure on the back burner”

    that’s true we must guard against that everyday

    PS sorry I used the same layout. it was entirely unintentional…awesome minds just think alike I suppose. Katy’s ganna be workin’ on an original design for this summer so i won’t be copying you forever.

  2. stephenbaker says:

    Sure, we’re learned the lesson. we’re learned it over and over. and over. You and I acknowledge everyday. Taking part in the struggle towards reform however, is something entirely different.

    Wisdom, I’ve been told, only means anything if we plow against gravity and use the wings it gives us.

    So… c’mon, Mr. Pilot. Do what you do best.

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