The End of a Sophomore

The sting, the pain, it blows me away
Or maybe it sucks me in.
I don’t know what I’m thinking or doing
I just do and say; do and say; do and say
One day down six more to go
I wanted to do something but time is not slow
She’s lovely, she’s ugly
And her kiss is deadly ecstasy
Confusion rears its hideous head
Somewhere between the living and the dead
What are you thinking, me?
Didn’t I warn you this would happen?
Of course I did, but I didn’t listen
Burn! What just happened?
I feel like I’m hanging by a seatbelt
Maybe I am. Maybe I’m dreaming
No, it’s rather real. Ethereal? I tried to wake up.
Put it behind me. You crashed us, Mister, Master.
I guess nothing slows down for anyone or anything anymore.
Where is she? I want to be with her – No, not that one.
I want the one who loves me for me. Does she even know me yet?
Not sure. Maybe you are. Wait, who am I talking too?
Like watching a film from Ronny Yu
Without the subtitles
Without the dubbing
Just raw, uncut, as is, and in a language I don’t know.
But there are crumbs from a table
I pick those up sometimes. They’re little pieces of a plot.
I’m not the main character to my relief and dismay
I’m just trying to figure out what role I’m supposed to play

© 2006, Joshua S. Murray


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