A New Year’s Introduction to Me

Hello all. A number of people have recently commented for the first time on my Xanga, many wanting to know more about me (Okay, so this is a repost… is that a sin?). Truthfully, I want to know more about me as well. Now I wish to introduce myself to you who do not know me so well and maybe make some self-discoveries in the process.

My name, as you probably can guess, is Joshua. I am named after a great Israelite leader from several thousand years ago. His name in Hebrew was Yehoshua, or at least that is the equivalent in the English alphabet. It’s very similar in spelling to Yeshua, or Jesus, and means very nearly the same. My middle name is Stephen. Here I am named after more than one person, one being a grandfather and the other being a Jew who lived in Israel when that nation was under Roman rule. This Stephen believed that Jesus, a Jewish carpenter-turned-preacher, was the Messiah, or Promised Savior, of the Jews, and people everywhere. His faith in this was so strong, in fact, that he was willing to part with his life before going against this. My last name is Murray. Murray is the name of a clan from Scotland. My ancestors who shared this name (or rather the earlier versions of this name) were Highlanders and Gaelic warriors. Some were leaders and rulers and others were drunks and ignoramuses. Some were noble in their position, some noble in their deeds, and others noble in no way at all.

It is my desire to live up to my name, though it asks much. As Joshua, I have a duty to be a leader, someone who can inspire others to do what seems impossible. To have faith that no obstacle is too large and no person’s role is viewed as too small. As Stephen, I must be able to take a stand for what I know is right. Am I willing do die for truth? It’s a question I ask myself all the time. As a Murray, can I live up to the strength, courage, and leadership of the best of the Murray’s? There is noble blood in my veins, but more importantly there is a blood of the Highest Royalty that makes my soul of incredible value.

This is the blood of Jesus. I am a Christian. Like Joshua, I follow YHWH, or in English, the LORD or GOD, or most descriptive “I Am.” Like Stephen, I follow Jesus Christ, the God-man, the Savior of all who will allow the blood that he poured out to cover over their sin, strife, and afflictions. I am a fanatic. I will put everything I can on this. If I am wrong, I have wasted my life in a sense, but at least I lived it with a purpose, which at least gives me a reason to get up in the morning. If I am right, I will spend eternity in Paradise with God, who is Love. Love is all I truly want.

I am a Christian, not because I go to church each week, and not because I said a simple prayer. I am a Christian because I actually believe this. Now, some people in this world think it preposterous to believe that there is a personal God in the universe, who would make the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity, especially know that most people would reject this amazing gift. I have however carefully weighed my options. I have studied what Atheism holds to; I have researched Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism, Taoism, Islam, Mythology, Existentialism, Deism, Dualism, and more. These religions, and I do consider Atheism a religion, usually have some element of truth in them, and obviously are appealing to many people, else they would have ceased to exist long ago. I choose to accept Christianity because it is the only religion that offers more than religion itself. It has more answers than the others, it provides the most meaning to life, it explains human nature better, and it, above all, gives me that Love that I seek.

I am an intellectual. I am a cynic. I do not go with the flow for the flow’s sake. God has provided me with talents and gifts to make an impact in this world. He has given me a thirst for knowledge, so that I have an answer to the person who challenges my faith. He has given me a drive to do something meaningful. He has given me a family that supports me. He has placed people in my life that make me stronger.

I am both creative and technical. I appreciate aesthetics and I know that God is an artist. I am an airplane pilot. I love the feeling that comes from being thousands of feet in the air and being in control. At least, I let myself think that I’m in control. I enjoy looking out and seeing majestic mountains, beautiful plains, and the amazing capability that God has given man to create massive urban areas. God is the ultimate artist and the ultimate technician; the same God that painted Earth to be so beautiful also derived mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Being a creature created in His image, I long to gain His wisdom and His knowledge, knowing that I shall never be able to do so.

My goal in life is to be meaningful; to have an impact on this world. At present, I am training to become a missionary pilot. Doing such, I will use my skill set to fly airplanes loaded with missionaries and life-essential supplies in the most challenging of places. As a missionary pilot, I may fly off of extremely short strips carved out of a mountain, land over the tall trees of the jungle, and try to keep my aircraft from breaking down in the hottest of deserts. I do not know how long I will have this vocation, but at present, I expect to do this sort of work for a large portion of my life.

Flying is not my only passion, however. My heartbeat is in synchronization with another love of my life: Music. I am not a skilled musician, though I am more than willing to work at it. I do write, however, as you have, no-doubt, noticed. Music is probably equal to flying as far as what I love, besides God and people. For many years, I have wanted to start a band and make original music using this platform to minister to both the churched and unchurched, thereby bringing glory to the One True God.

I could go into more detail, but as I said at the beginning, this is an introduction. I have barely scratched the surface and have not introduced you to my many faults yet, but I do hope you feel like you know me a bit more. I feel like I know myself a little better as well. Thank you for taking the time to read this, as this comes from my heart. If you like, subscribe to my blog; join my peaks and valleys, my struggles and triumphs. I have so much to learn, and would like to invite you to learn with me.

If you would like to learn more about “Missions Aviation,” I strongly encourage you to visit www.maf.org and www.jaars.org.


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