Insert Catchy Scene-worthy Title Here (or simply Push)

Push, strive, try to thrive
Get to the top before you die
Then at six foot under
Who has your plunder?
Your plans went asunder
And now you got jack
Your train’s off track
Derailed by a heart-attack
And now you ask, “Why?”

You put your hope in you
But you failed like humans do
You can’t even trust yourself
In need of professional help
The pain inside begins to swell
The voices inside tell some truth
But you won’t listen; you dilute
The blood comes pouring through
Will you let it rescue you?

There’s only one way out now
Sit back and wonder how
You’re digging your grave
Greed makes you his slave
All this time you thought it’d pay
In the end it brought you hunger
Without love, you only suffer
Trust me, you are no tougher
But there’s grace to be found

I know a man to end the strife
Through his death, giving life
He wants you to know Him
But it requires some action
Lay it all down, see the reaction
When love breaks through
And all things become new
The light breaks through
He rescues you… from you.


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