Emotions, they confuse us all
Changing day to day on the very same thing
In love and then dwell in bitterness
It wasn’t love- Just simply a feeling.

Sometimes I think the world revolves around me
But it doesn’t. It doesn’t even care about truth.
Need to get over myself in order to be free.
Need to be blinded before I can see.

I’ve got a feeling about something
But feelings have lied to me before
So, what is real and what is not?
Another question as I pace the floor

Things that I once knew and loved
They seem to change so drastically
Things I that hated with a passion
Become what I embrace willingly

Am I who I want to be?
Better yet, do I even know what that is?
I keep striving to achieve
But are these vain accomplishments?

I know life is, but why don’t I live it?
I’ve tasted truth but struggle to be honest
I know what I want, but will I fight for it?
Or shall I just sit here and wonder what’s best?

– Joshua S. Murray, (c) 2005


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