We sit here in our comfortable little chairs, behind our convenient little desks, and watch or read about the happenings around the world… and oh, there is so much to hear.

Last December, approximately a quarter of a million people were killed by a tsunami, the worst natural disaster known to man since the Flood of Genesis. Even then, this tsunami may have killed more people, since there is no way to know how large the population of the world was in Noah’s time. And if you choose not to believe that the Flood occured, well, that would indeed make the tsunami the worst disaster that had ever occurred.

Over the past month, we have witnessed what may be the three worst hurricanes ever. One, Wilma continues to threaten lives but, fortunately has not been as devastating as it could have been. Katrina was the worst natural disaster in United States history. Rita was even more powerful, but narrowly missed the large cities. Wilma went from a cateory 1 to a 5 overnight with the lowest ever recorded barometric pressure (causing higher wind speeds).

This October, a devastating earthquake occured in the area of Kashmir, Pakistan and India. At present at least 79,000 are dead, and death totals are expected to rise significantly.

It is well-known that seismologists have been expecting “The Big One” to occur along the San Andreas Fault in California in the near future. This predicted earthquake should easily prove to be more devastating than anything America has seen before.

More than natural disaster are occuring, though. We all still vividly remember the attack on the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001. In fact, I’m certain that you can recall where you were and what you were doing. This disaster was a defining moment in American culture and catapaulted the U.S.A. into a war on terrorism that is still ongoing.

Iran is is getting set to launch two satellites into orbit, and it is believed that at least one of them is for surveillance purposes. Who’s helping them? Russia is launching it with their missile, and Russia, China, and North Korea are the nations helping Iran get their space program developed. Looks promising, right?

Speaking of those countries… China boasts of having a military force larger than the population of the U.S. North Korea has the largest fleet of submarines in the world, and everyone knows our history with Russia.

….and to add to it all, we will be out of fossil fuels in a few decades… well, that’s just dandy, isn’t it?

What does all this mean? Is it all coincidence? I don’t think so. In fact, the increase of natural disasters and war is predicted in the Bible…. to precede the end of the world. I’m glad I know where I’m headed. Doesn’t look like the world will be so wonderful for long.

So, ask yourself what’s going on. Seems a little too much at once to be conincidence.


One thought on “Coincidence?

  1. Jared Kirk says:

    ^^Looks like you’ve got a spam comment (spomment?). Anyway, linked to you through Harrison’s blog, have you heard of that website with the Rapture Index? It is just entertainment, but the index is at an all time high!

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