Imperfect, imperfect, I am so imperfect
Every time I look in your face I see I’m imperfect
Your face is my face, one in the same
Yet I can’t touch you, though it looks like I do
You only look like me when I look at you
You look the same but you aren’t me
I’m much deeper that your quarter inch
You show I’m imperfect, but not how much so
Flesh, bone, blood, and soul–that is me
Your quarter inch reveals less than a quarter of me
My deepest flaws lie hidden from view
My darkest parts aren’t known to you
But why do you exist? What is your purpose?
Your open eyes don’t see; your open ears don’t hear
Your open mouth can’t speak, your open hands can’t hold
I care way too much about you; you just hinder me
I must look somewhere else, so that it’s truth that I see

So perfect, so perfect, you are so perfect
My heart’s eyes tell me you are perfect
Your face is of grace, and it bears no shame
Though my hand cannot, my soul can touch you
You see me always and never change, always true
Though I run away, you are faithful to me
I’m so shallow next to you, not even an inch
I’m unworthy of you, but you don’t think so
From imperfect toes to tarnished crown – all of me
Your omniscient heart wants all I can be
You see my flaws and cast them from you
You shine on me, and let me cling to you
But why do you care what’s beneath my surface?
Your eyes can see all; your ears hear all; your words: sincere
Why do your open hands have holes?
You care so much for me, you saved me
I’ll look to you; your truth is perfect love for me

Joshua S. Murray

©MMIV, All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Imperfect

  1. Harrison says:

    do you mind if I put a link to your page on my links section? i like your blog…

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