Fission Versus Fusion

Separating the world person by person
Cutting off the circulation of the population
Dragging people down to a place of bitterness
It’s so sad that you’re so ethnocentric
The path you’ve picked is just one of loneliness
One of heartbrokenness – one out of cowardice

What is this? Black man, white man, yellow man, red man
Choosing your lifestyle on the basis of your melanin
When will it ever end? Can’t we reverse this trend?
We’re living life in a bubble of a trap set to destroy
So we gather hypothetical troops that we can deploy.

Separating ourselves from one another in this land
Never understanding the power of united hands
Don’t you know that fusion is more powerful than fission?
All I want is to see some productive radiation.
One day, I hope we’ll overcome this complication.

It’s a lonely enough world without our cliques
Why must we reject people who cry for acceptance?
Will we ever understand division is what kills us?
A house divided against itself cannot stand for long
But it seems too obvious to be seen among the throng.
And so I wonder to myself is there a point to my song?

-Joshua S. Murray
© 2005


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